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Valera scholars learning about college acceptance and retention 👏🙌

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Family Workshop Activity

Congratulations to BOTH our Boys and Girls Cross Country teams on qualifying for CIF Finals!

 Congratulations to Coach Leon and Athletic Director Mahi on a successful League Finals and regular season! Tons of medalists in all divisions and 2nd place team trophies for boys and girls varsity! 

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Cheer Team Finals Competition @ Knott's Berry Farm✨

Stakeholder Meeting📚

7th graders at UCLA

Always READY!

Scholars participating in an engaging team-building exercise! Scholars are completing word puzzles in teams to escape the zombies

No Place For Hate Dance

Parent Workshops📝

Our 2022-'23 Final Family Referral Winner. Congratulations Mrs. Wong!

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Proud of our families for participating in our weekly workshops.

Valera & Marine Volunteers of the Year. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

MIT Operation Team Rock!

Girls Basketball Team.

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MIT's Counseling Team💙

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Valera scholars bringing science alive. 



Alliance MIT 6-12 Complex

Home of Valera Middle Academy and Marine High School

Counselor to Parent/Guardian Communication


The counseling department is looking forward to the new school year and working alongside you to support and develop our scholars socially and academically. Communication with parents is vital to the success of our scholars. Below are a few updated policies that will help communication remain clear and consistent.


  • If you would like to meet with a counselor one-to-one or refer you student to receive counseling services, please email the counselor directly or call the school office to schedule a time. All counselors have weekly parent office hours (see below).
  • If you call the office or reach out to a counselor to report a concern that is not an emergency, please give the counselors a 72-hour turnaround time to address the concern and contact you.
  • Counselors will mostly use phone and ParentSquare to contact you directly.

Counseling team:

Mr. James Morris: 6th/9th grade [email protected]

Parent office hours:

Ms. Miriam Corbera: 7th/10th grade [email protected]

Parent office hours:

Mr. Christian Andrade: 8th/11th grade [email protected]

Parent office hours:

Mr. Leonardo Perlera: 12th grade [email protected]

Parent office hours:

Ms. Cynthia Medrano [email protected]

Parent office hours:


If this is a mental health emergency during after school hours, please contact one of the following:

Mental Health Emergency