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Parent Information on Student Progress

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are held regularly throughout the school year and parents are highly encouraged to attend.  At these meetings, parents have the opportunity to meet with some of their child’s teachers to discuss their child’s progress.  In addition, when a scholar experiences academic difficulties, or when the scholar is at risk of failing a course, a parent conference will be scheduled with the scholar to identify areas of concern and possible strategies to meet the scholar’s learning needs.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are distributed every five (5) weeks.  Progress reports are not final and indicate a scholar’s performance to-date in the semester.

Report Cards

Report cards will be issued at the conclusion of each semester.  Report cards include final grades that will be reflected on a scholar’s transcript.

PowerSchool Gradebook

Parents can follow scholar academic progress through PowerSchool.  Scholar attendance, homework, grades, assignments, behavior, and test scores can be reviewed through PowerSchool on the internet.  PowerSchool also provides a direct link to teacher email. To access PowerSchool, you will need the following:

Login information is distributed to parents soon after school starts.  It is also available by contacting the school main office.